You can share whatever you want on your blog, its your space to do whatever with, to vent, to post things. It doesnt matter. Dont listen to silly anons, it helps to get your feelings out

Awww you actually left me speechless ;w; thank you very much

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A sincere apology

Hey everyone, I just wanted to apologize for my stupid behaviour these past days. You guys helped me so much to open my eyes and I won’t repeat the same mistake anymore. I now know that Tumblr is not the best place for sharing sappy, sad stuff so I’ll do my best to avoid that in the future. I just had one of those bad days when I just couldn’t help myself anymore, but you guys are right so I hope you can accept my most sincere apologies and I promise that it won’t happen again. 

Expect some new art from me soon, I’m working on new pieces. 

Thanks again for all the support, means a lot to me <3 

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You always compare yourself with others. You have to be YOURSELF. It doesn't matter if people draw better than you or write better than you, who fucking cares? You'll be happier when you stop being an envious girl who always compares her job with others. Live!! And stop caring about others.

You’re right. Thank you so much, I’ll try my best from now on

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I'm sad to see that you're not happy. But i really think that Tumblr is not the right place to share these things. You should talk with your real life friends about how you feel. Internet is not always the solution. Lots of love.

Yeah I know, it wasn’t obligatory to read. Sorry about that. I won’t post stuff like that anymore.

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I wanna try this time around! Good luck everybody!

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I slapped some colours on this sketch, I’m not sure if it’s worth finishing it or not so I’m just sharing it here for now…

I can’t draw hands please excuse me

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Got nothing new to upload so…old art attack!

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someone wanted it rebloggable!

Thank you.

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Aaah I’m so glad I’m done with this! Been working on this for a few days, lost half of the colouring in the process because of a missing file, and after spending a long time on it, I’m glad to see it finished! I’m into a Sailor Moon kick again thanks to the new revival Sailor Moon Crystal! <3 Serenity is my favorite character ever <33 

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Goodnight, sweet princess~

Sorry for the reupload, my connection went bananas.

She is getting a redesign soon!

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