I slapped some colours on this sketch, I’m not sure if it’s worth finishing it or not so I’m just sharing it here for now…

I can’t draw hands please excuse me

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Got nothing new to upload so…old art attack!

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someone wanted it rebloggable!

Thank you.

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Aaah I’m so glad I’m done with this! Been working on this for a few days, lost half of the colouring in the process because of a missing file, and after spending a long time on it, I’m glad to see it finished! I’m into a Sailor Moon kick again thanks to the new revival Sailor Moon Crystal! <3 Serenity is my favorite character ever <33 

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Goodnight, sweet princess~

Sorry for the reupload, my connection went bananas.

She is getting a redesign soon!

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I’m running out of ideas as to what to upload ^^; have some broskis!

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Humanized Celestia I did a while ago ^^

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It’s doooooooone!!

Soleil -world’s end- 

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pKJANQRO7U

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Ah…this is so old ;w; uploading it here for nostalgia sake

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WIP time!

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